Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Places and Things I Learned About Today with Google Earth and Wikipedia

All this started because i was on Saila's blog and one of her friends made a joke about Nuorgam, which i had no clue until i checked wikipedia, is the northern most point of Finland. I love learning! Here are some other things i learned about today.

  • The Islands of Tristan da Cunha - A group of remote British Islands in the way south Atlantic with a little under 300 people who all speak English. They also have a very informative (if not a little outdated) website here. They also just got TV in 2001.
  • Svalbard - The northern most part of the Kingdom of Norway, it's an archipeligo about 700 miles away from the North Pole (that's not very far). Home of the World's most northern ATM machine.
  • Bouvet Island - The southern most part of the Kingdom of Norway, which is 1400 miles away from Tristan da Cunha TO THE SOUTH. It's like almost to Antarctica! Norway's badass.
  • Anything on The World's Most Northern page of Wikipedia.
  • Olavinlinna in Savonlinna, Finland - A medieval castle that's thr home of the Savonlinna Opera Festival every summer. I want to go!
  • Kaffeklubben Island (The Coffee Club Island) - The most northerly piece of land (pretty much) on Earth has to do with coffee! Awesome!
  • Finlandization - def: "the influence that one powerful country may have on the policies of a smaller neighboring country"

I'd post more, but it's 5 and that's closing time here at the slide library, so i'm going home.

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Saila said...

Next time you visit, we can go to Olavinlinna. Going to Savonlinna is actually on my 101 things to do list (even though I've been there a lot of times).

"Savonlinna" means "Savo's castle." There's a really cool little door that everyone knocks because a troll lives there. Sometimes, if you're really lucky, the troll will actually open the door. This has never happened to me and I'm still waiting for the day that I get to see it. Seriously.