Thursday, September 25, 2008

Suomi is on my leg

Suomi is on my leg
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So for those who don't know already, my friend Scott is an apprentice at Timeless Tattoo and I'm helping him out by letting him practice on my leg. He's done 8 or so on me now. Mostly Sailor Jerry flash, but we've also done some random stuff as well, like a can of Diet Coke.

Well, today we were flipping through the Sailor Jerry books and saw a flag tattoo. Like tattoos a sailor might get after visiting a place. We switched it up a bit and now I have the Finnish flag with a banner that says "SUOMI", which is pretty great. It's as if I were a sailor whose travels took him to Finland and he fell in love with the country. Which is minus the sailing part, is completely true.

::Update:: Here is a better shot of the "Finnished" product.... if you will.... sorry that was lame.


Saila said...

Omg! Bigger picture, please!

Haha... and a can of Diet Coke as well? You nut. :)

ben said...

yes, but the question is, why do those finns PACK SO MUCH HEAT?

you may need to seriously consider getting a "bulge" tattooed on your "hip."

Ben said...

They do have a lot of guns. Hunting maybe? Despite recent headlines, violent crime is actually pretty rare there.