Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hahaha!! Amazing.

I'm going to start wearing only high cut running shorts to work from now on.

This is my inspiration.

As a dude, you know you're a coffee nerd when the thing you want to know the most is how good the coffee really is...

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hyvää Suomi!

So the Hockey World Championships just ended, and usually i'm keeping better track of how Finland is doing during the tournament, but my beloved Kari Lehtonen (goalie for the Atlanta Thrashers) was not in goal for Finland, so i haven't been on top of things as much. Kari is up for signing a new contract this summer, and was nervous about hurting himself. It's understandable (he has a history of groin injuries), but if he had played, perhaps it could have been the edge that could have gotten them the gold, but bronze isn't too shabby.

This bronze is especially sweet (possibly sweeter than gold) because of how they won it. The got the bronze beating Sweden 4-0. SWEDEN! 4-0! Amazing. I'll have to check with Saila, but i have a feeling Finland is on cloud nine right now. (Finland and Sweden have a bit of a rivalry...)

Canada and Russia played for the gold, and Russia prevailed because of another beloved Atlanta Thrasher, Ilya Kovalchuk. Russia was down 3-2 halfway through the second period when Dany Heatley (a not so beloved former Thrasher) made it 4-2 for Canada. Alexei Tereshchenko made it 4-3 in the middle of the third, but it was Kovy who tied it up with 5 minutes left in the period sending the game into overtime, then Kovy again in overtime with an amazing powerplay slapshot which gave Russia the gold. Goodtimes indeed.

The other sport i'm into these days, football (soccer), isn't such a happy story for Finland. They barely missed qualifying for Euro 2008, which is sad, but then again, England didn't qualify either..... which is way worse.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Back from Minneapolis

Back in A-town! Feels nice. As fun/awesome/great experience SCAA/USBC was, it was nice to be able to watch soccer, and catch up on 30 Rock, Lost, and the Office. Oh yeah, and working again.... work is good. Bills, gotta pay those...

Needless to say i took away a ton of things from the trip. Met some AWESOME people. Saw some mind-bogglingly good baristas do there thing (and put me to shame). But i think the most important thing i learned was, that i am a poor dresser/appearance maintainer. There's some rough pictures of me floating around out there... (just kidding, that wasn't the most important thing)

Speaking of taking this away, i still haven't unpacked.... i should probably go do that now.