Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mail from Finland

Finnish newspaper clipping from Saila Finnish newspaper clipping from Sini Ad on the back of Finnish newspaper clipping from Sini

A couple days ago i received the much anticipated Eurovision DVD in the mail that Saila and Sini's dad made for me. I haven't watched it yet, but i'm extremely excited. (Thanks, Mr. Savolainen!) Much to my surprise, also included were notes from Saila and Sini with newspaper clippings!

Saila's newspaper clipping (the first image) is to help me with my Finnish. For practice purposes. All i've got so far is that the dude in the picture either did something or had something done to him 600,000 times. I'm still working on it...

Sini's newspaper clipping (second image) has the English meanings of a bunch of towns around Helsinki and Espoo. Pretty hilarious stuff. Again, also good Finnish practice. Hilariously enough, on the back of Sini's clipping is an add for SINI cleaning products. How amazing is that? I think i actually laughed out loud when i saw that.

Needless to say, i'm definitely feeling the Finnish love from this side of the ocean.

::EDIT!! UPDATE!!:: - According to a comment left by Saila, the dude in the first picture is the guy from the Finnish YMCA video!!!! (scroll down to see the clip) This just took it to a whole new level!!!

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Saila said...

"The dude in the picture" is none other than the illustrious singer of the Finnish YMCA.

Maybe that will help. :)