Saturday, March 1, 2008

Cafiza changes lives

So it's been kind of a slow Saturday afternoon here at Octane. I voluntarily took French Press/register duty today, just because. I've been trying to do a little extra cleaning, but nothing too serious. I broke out the Cafiza on some individual 16oz. presses and tried to give them some love.

About an hour ago, this guy came in with a brightly decorated traveler mug (i checked the bottom, it was from Starbucks) and wanted coffee in it. I had to brew some more coffee, but i told him i'd take his mug for him and let him know when it was ready. I took the lid off, and what i witnessed was the worst coffee stain i've ever encountered in person in my entire life. I tried to rinse it with hot water, and it didn't even flinch. It was as it the stain bad become permanent decoration in the interior of this guy's mug. I wanted so badly to Cafiza it, but i didn't want to seem pushy or rude, so after the coffee was brewed i just poured it in and handed it to him with a smile.

After a few minutes, i started feeling bad that i hadn't done anything about it. There's a fine line between offering help and being pushy. You can have the greatest intentions int he world, but it can be perceived as negative if you're not careful. Especially in the coffee world.

Well, after a few minutes i forgot about it, and went about work. About an hour later, the guy came back and asked for a refill in his traveler mug. I was so excited! I wasn't going to let this opportunity pass by again. The guy seemed really nice, so i just went for it... "Excuse me, sir, can i ask you a weird question? Would you mind if i took a couple minutes to see if i can try and clean the inside of your mug. I have an idea that might work." He said "Sure." but then told me that he'd tried everything and nothing worked. He'd spent crazy amounts of time scrubbing, with nothing to show for it. As i put a little Cafiza in his mug and filled it with hot water, i explained what Carfiza is and that it's specially designed for cleaning coffee machines and urns and the like.

So long story, short(er), by the time i was done with his mug a few minutes later, it looked brand new, and didn't smell like coffee from 10 years ago. He was so pleased, he actually told me that it made his week.

There you have it. Cafiza changes lives, people.


M'lissa said...

I cried a little just now.

Tony said...

That story made my week too. Thanks for taking that extra little step. That guy will be a customer for life!

Ben said...

Ah! I feel like a tool! I didn't mean to tell this story to glorify myself. It's all about Cafiza! Cafiza is what made him happy.

danielle (atl) said...

well god bless the cafiza. a cafiza'd world is a better world.