Saturday, March 22, 2008

Cuz i'm (stressing about) TNT. It's dynomite.

So i know i haven't posted on here in a while, but it's because i've been pretty busy. I'm moving to the other side of town (over the course of a couple weeks....), but mainly the image and link above has been occupying a great deal of my time. M'lissa and I have been spending a ridiculous amount of hours planning and organizing Thursday Night Throwdown. I even had a nightmare last night involving it...

In any case, to sum it up, it's a latte art competition/throwdown that we're having every Thursday at Octane. It's open to anyone who has pulled a shot of espresso and poured a latte before. It's main goal is build some coffee community in Atlanta and it's surrounding areas. Throwdowns have become such a part of coffee culture at this point, and they're such bonding experiences. We wanted to see if we could pull this off......

Weekly. Don't worry, i already know we're crazy.

Well, the first one has come and gone (click the picture above to go the TNT blog, we'll have a post about the first night soon) and it was an amazing first go at it. We had 16 people sign up, and representatives from Cumming and Columbus, GA and even Alabama! Needless to say, M'lissa and I are extremely excited that our first one went so well, and can't wait to see how it grows from here.

So yeah, that's what i've been up to.

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